Dog Walking

Walking is known to have many health benefits for people so with no surprise walking is good and healthy for your dogs as well. Just like people lack of exercise can cause a dog to be overweight which can lead to a number of diseases. The amount of exercise a dog will need depends on their breed, how active they are and age. It is recommended for dogs to be walked at least once each day. Of course, the very active dog should be walked more and more rigorously.  Not only are the physical benefits great, but walking can also make your dog happy. They tend to be nosy just like people. Because of their incredible sense of smell, they love to sniff around the neighborhood to know what is going on.  Bottom line, walking will help to make them healthier and happier while they genuinely will enjoy their walking experience.

Professional & Affordable Dog Walking Services

At the Room and Groom Pet Spa and Services, we can provide your dog with the pet experience he needs and will love.  We care for your pet as if it is our own.  Not only will the walks we provide benefit them physically but emotionally as well. We combine professionalism and reliability with love.

Are you busy or going on vacation? Can’t get home to give your pet the love and exercise they need. Do not worry. Let us help.

Contact us. We will be happy to help you and get your furry best friend walking today.

30 Minutes – $20

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